GM Clinical Assessment Service

The GMUPCA is working in conjunction with NWAS, The GMHSCP and locality CCGs to deliver definitve clinical triage at scale across GM.

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Urgent Dental Care Telephony Service GM

The GMUPCA has recently been awarded the Urgent Dental Care Telephony Service Contract for Greater Manchester; an integrated single point of access for unscheduled dental needs.

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Committed to saving lives

The Alliance has over 60 years of combined service history across our partner organisations. We are dedicated to providing excellent out of hospital care which enhances the lives of the residents of GM.

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Why are we an Alliance?

We exist to ensure that the GMHSCP can resolve macro GM healthcare issues with a single organisation which can afford appropriate economies of scale with specialist locality knowledge and experience.

We retain our local sovereign entities- Mastercall, Bardoc, gtd healthcare and Salford Primary Care Together- but combine for areas of macro economic benefit and quality.

Next Steps…

For more information about the GMUPCA and its consituent organisation or services please feel free to contact us via our contact page above.