Overall benefits of the Alliance

  • Reduction of duplication through access to pooled knowledge, learning and experience.
  • Maximise financial efficiency by working collaboratively.
  • Delivering services securely and with greater confidence of outcomes through shared intelligence and data.
  • Collective proven infrastructures for reliable commissioning at scale; rich wealth of skills, processes and expertise.
  • Enhanced patient experience through standardisation of shared best practice.
  • ‘Right care at the right time’; pooled resource for expedited service delivery.
  • Improved system resilience through pooled workforce, interoperable IM&T and a consistent, trusted and reliable governance and assurance framework.
  • Support the delivery of the GM Urgent Primary Care Strategy.

Privacy Policy:

This privacy policy sets out the way the Greater Manchester Urgent Primary Care Alliance processes your personal information. It deals with how we collect information, what we do with it, how we protect it and what controls or rights you have.

Our Approach

With the announcement of the NHSE IUC Spec in Sept 2017 Mastercall Healthcare, Bardoc & gtd healthcare (who operate OOH for 90% of GM) joined together to form a Community Interest Company (preserving our social enterprise status) to deliver Integrated Urgent Care for the people of GM.

From our MOU:

‘The purpose of the Alliance is to create a positive and supportive relationship between like-minded organisations encouraging openness, honesty and a shared ethos around delivering high social value services to commissioners and patients. The alliance arrangements do not replace the independent status of each member but offers enhanced opportunities through collaborative working where it is felt this adds benefit. ‘